About Us


Sending the Signal

Playing sports has a profound impact on the lives of kids. An impact that ripples out into our community. That’s why Union Broadcasting created ShareWaves. We’re a brand-new nonprofit in Kansas City seeking a 501(c)(3) status. We are dedicated to helping all kids in our community experience the long list of life-enriching benefits that come from playing sports.

Union Broadcasting is donating radio air-time and access to their entire digital/social media platforms. In addition, they will support ShareWaves with their production expertise and will broadcast PSAs, create podcasts for NPOs, and drive support for special programing and events that impact the lives of young people in our community. This new foundation marks the beginning of a plan to re-purpose Union Broadcasting's strong community presence to help bring forward game-changing solutions that positively impact the youth of our city. We will work closely with like-minded youth-sports organizations and community stakeholders to assist in enhancing young lives.

Union Broadcasting is a Kansas City based sports-media company that operates Sports Radio 810 WHB, America’s largest all-sports radio station. They are the official broadcast partner of the Kansas City Chiefs and Sporting Kansas City as well as the official broadcast home of the Kansas Jayhawks.

Physically active kids have up to 40% higher test scores.
— Aspen Institute Project Play
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Areas of Impact

Providing opportunities for children to experience the life-enriching power of sports by:

  • Promoting participation in sports activity.

  • Supporting like-minded youth development organizations.

  • Creating and execute positive sports-related events.

  • Sharing the stories that create waves of support.

  • Providing education, scholarships, leadership opportunities

  • Working to give every kid the chance to play the games we love.



Our Game plan

ShareWaves was created as a single cause foundation. We will use our exclusive access to the airwaves of Union Broadcasting to support meaningful causes. Over the last 20 years, Union Broadcasting has built a strong community presence as they have help support thousands of charities and causes. Launching ShareWaves provides Union with a new way to increase our support and deliver strategic solutions that will transform young lives. Here is our initial launch priorities as we begin to build-out our new foundation.

  1. Leverage our current outreach and charitable activity.

  2. Recruit our core team of supporters.

  3. Work with Union and 810WHB to create waves of support for youth-related causes.

  4. Create and distribute digital-content to amplify cause-related messaging.

  5. Promote participation in sports to transform young lives.



About Sports Radio 810 WHB

WE LOVE SPORTS! - Every kind of sports - We love talking sports, we love playing sports, we love watching sports. More than that, we believe that sports has the power to change the world. Specifically, we believe that we can create a movement to transform young lives and place them on a path to success. Sports Radio 810WHB is the largest sports-talk radio station in the country, a vital part of the Union Broadcasting family, and an active supporter of the communities in our area. That support includes everything from offering its airwaves for public service efforts to lending the drawing power of its on-air personalities to help support non-profit events. And more. Learn more.