our Purpose



We have all seen the positive impact sports can have on our lives. In an often broken world, sport is a unique and important connective tissue that binds people together. With all the challenges we face today, it is time to wake up to the massive power for good that sports can provide individually, and throughout our community, society, and the world. Our hope is that every child has the chance to participate in sports and be transformed by the experience.

In sports, children contribute to something bigger than themselves. They learn important life lessons and experience character building interactions that have impact on and off the field. The values delivered through sports translate into respect for oneself and others, fairness, grace in defeat, humility in victory, and the virtue of self-denial. Sports teaches us cooperation with others, how to work together for a common goal, appropriate responses to victory and defeat, and life-enriching virtues like courage, humility, patience, and perseverance.

Imagine having a way to use the power of sports to impact the lives of all kids throughout our community. With your help, we can promote participation, encourage the development of life skills, and more. We’ll do it by providing education, scholarships, and leadership opportunities. Most of all, you’ll be part of giving every kid in our community the opportunity. Making it possible for all to participate. Leveling the playing field for all.

Student-athletes have an 11% higher graduation rate than non-athletes.
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