Enriching Young lives

through the power of sports

The average kids spends less than 3 years playing a sport and quits by age 11.

31% of kids, 15 and older were “insufficiently active.”
— The Aspen Institute & WHO
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What We Plan To Do To Help?

The ShareWaves Foundation was formed with a simple idea, use "the power of sports" to impact kids. We currently work with like-minded youth-sports organizations and community stakeholders to enhance young lives, promote participation, encourage the development of life skills, provide financial aid, and work to level the playing field for all. We are excited about the future and about delivering on our promise to use the power of sports to transform young lives in our community.

If given the chance, children will thrive, but with the declining rate of high-school athletes, it is critical to build programs that increase participation.

If given the chance, children will thrive, but with the declining rate of high-school athletes, it is critical to build programs that increase participation.

5 Strategies for Impact:

Promote Participation

  • Promote the benefits of playing sports & advocate for participation.

Promote Important Causes

  • Provide promotional support & resources to NPOs that positively impact young lives.

Provide Access to Opportunities

  • Find ways to level the playing field for young athletes in our city.

Provide Financial Aid

  • Give every kid the chance to play the games we love.

Produce Activity Events

  • Build healthy lives through greater access to sports activity.


Tomorrow's MVPs (Most Valuable People)

In sports, children contribute to something bigger than themselves. They learn important life lessons and experience character building interactions that have impact on and off the field. The values delivered through sports translate into respect for oneself and others, fairness, grace in defeat, humility in victory, and the virtue of self-denial.  Sports teaches us cooperation with others, how to work together for a common goal, appropriate responses to victory and defeat, and life-enriching virtues like courage, humility, patience, and perseverance.

ShareWaves will work to advance the opportunity for every kid to experience the life-enriching effects of playing sports. Not just for one child. Or even one team. But for our entire community of kids. Imagine what that could do for this next generation.


We need you on the team

You know the impact that playing sports can have for a kid. It can improve confidence, teach life skills, and boost social and educational development. Better yet, playing sports creates the kind of individuals that value everything from teamwork to hard work. Those are the kind of people we all like being around. Those are the kind of people you can help develop. That’s why we need you on the team.


Share-Team Members receive exclusive Benefits

Become a member of our exclusive ShareTeam. Choose one of 5 different membership levels, and make a monthly recurring gift. You will immediately be eligible to receive all kinds of amazing benefits and perks. Most of all, you’ll be able to see how your support is helping make a difference in kids’ lives throughout our community.



There are some great organizations joining in the effort to help kids experience what playing sports can do for them. Check out the Sharewaves partners.